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Is public education good for Christians?

Let’s cut to the chase. My answer to this question is “yes” – public education can be a great place for Christians to grow spiritually. And I am about to make a case for why I believe that to be true. However, before you read any further, let me be very clear. There are good […]

Reflecting on the journey (literal and figurative)

Over the last couple years, my goal for this space has been to write once a month. I’ve not met that goal, and especially not as of late. My family recently moved from coast to coast – from Rochester, NY to Vancouver, WA. The last 6 months have been intense – emotionally, physically, and spiritually […]

Does worldview impact counseling?

Discipleship is most often a term associated with Christianity – and for good reason. But provides the definition of discipleship as – “the condition or situation of being a disciple, a follower, or a student of some philosophy”. Most often that “philosophy” which discipleship refers to is Christianity – but I think this definition […]

Lessons learned in weakness

What I have learned in struggle, sin, and weakness has been far more transformative than anything I have learned in comfort or strength. (It’s almost as if this is how God intended it.) I know this, so you would think that my moments of struggle might be more encouraging than what I feel; that struggle […]

Breaking the power of shame

The first response to sin, going all the way back to Genesis 3, was shame. After their disobedience, Adam and Eve hid from God. And it is a story we are all prone to repeating in our own lives. Hiding and shame are our natural responses to our own sin, as well as the ways […]

Best Books: 2021

As a reader, I always appreciate hearing book recommendations. I’m the person who screenshots Instagram stories when friends recommend books. I add many of them to my ever growing Amazon Wishlist – which is composed almost entirely of books. (And it really is what I want for Christmas and my birthday). This year I read […]

What if “live your truth” is a lie?

One viewpoint that has increasingly become popular over the recent years is the idea that the most genuine, best, and courageous thing we can do is to live consistently with our own interpretation of ourselves. Last year, one of the specific themes my daughter was taught in her 4th grade curriculum was to speak and […]

Biblical hope for the anxious and depressed

Rates of anxiety and depression have grown significantly since covid-19 became a reality in our world. Recent CDC reports suggest that people experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression are between 3-4x higher than they were at pre-pandemic levels. Along with this, people are feeling much more isolated and lonely – which further exacerbates mental health […]


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